To discuss licence and reporting options, email or call Phil Murgatroyd on 0770 810 6615. Licencing, training and payment methods are given below:

Individual licence

The APM is available via licence to individual clinicians at a cost of £25.00/year.

This includes:

Online training via Eliademy (

Online certification

Downloadable resources:  Manual, cheat sheet, prompt sheets

After you have taken the online test and got APM rater certification, you will be sent a personalised version of the APM clinician app (based in Microsoft Excel).

The licence is subject to the APM End User Licence Agreement and Terms and Conditions. APM is licenced via PMOT Ltd.

To buy an individual licence for the APM, go to Paypal:

Once you have paid for your licence, you will be redirected to the APM Eliademy training site where you can register and get certification.

Group licence

Discounted clinician licences for teams are available.

2-10 users: £24.00 per user/year

10-50 users: £23.00 per user/year.

This includes:

Access codes to Eliademy and materials as above allowing teams of individuals to assess and score with APM.

The licence is subject to the APM End User Licence Agreement and Terms and Conditions.

Contact us to get a group licence and access code.

Group reporting tools

Additionally digital tools and services for combining and reporting on activities carried out by clinical teams are available.

The areas covered include –

  • project design
  • ethical considerations
  • data collection processes
  • maximising quality and reliability
  • sample sizes
  • cost and time implications
  • easy statistical reporting using Excel (resources provided)
  • presenting results in an easy-to-understand way
  • trouble shooting.

If you are interested in this service or would like to see a sample report please contact us with further details via