To see the benefits of attractive, scientifically sound reporting focused on the real concerns of service users and funders, look at the following examples of sample reports:

  • Case report of a person receiving community stroke rehab – link here.
  • Case manager transitions someone out of residential care – link here.
  • Residential rehabilitation in a specialist ABI unit – admission and discharge.
  • Private OT provides rehab to service user in the community after an RTA –admission and discharge.

NB The reports are limited to the areas of activity and participation only.

All case studies and reports are hypothetical (although realistic situations) and do not describe or refer to specific individuals or services.

Examples of APM outcome reports for teams of occupational therapists (stroke ESD and community Reablement teams)  demonstrate the powerful evidence of service acheivement that can be produced quickly and with small sample numbers. The emphasis is on showing important, readily understandible results for external stakeholders  while using robust and appropriate statistics. Reports with high-quality content and a visually attractive presentation are the best way to promote and safeguard services in these increasingly challenging times.

This is a link to the 10-minute online video which shows how the APM app works in practice.

To get the APM apps you need to sign up with Eliademy (free of charge) – go to the Use the APM tab.